7 Reasons Pottery Painting is a Great Activity for the Whole Family

Taking my kids Pottery Painting is our family’s annual summer tradition.  Over the years we all have made several different “masterpieces”. We painted jewelry boxes, coffee mugs, tea cups, plates, “piggy” banks and tiny figurines. When I took my kids to a pottery studio this week, it made me wonder, why do we, and other families enjoy pottery painting? Here are some of the things I’ve come up with, what brings us to a pottery studio every year:

1. There is Something to Paint for People of All Ages and of All Interests.

No matter if you are a mom, dad, grandpa, teen, or a preschooler, you will find something you will let enjoy painting. Most of the pottery painting studios offerer little figurines, piggy banks, mugs, plates, platters, vases, and other interesting knickknacks of various sizes and prices. So no matter who you are, I am sure you will be able to find something you will enjoy painting and taking home to show off with pride.


2. You Get to be Creative and Experiment with Different Colours and Colour Combinations.

It doesn’t matter whether you are painting a mug or an owl, you can put your own spin on whatever it is that you are creating. You can pick and choose colours that suit you and that you find interesting and fun. It’s art. There are no rules. You can use your imagination and paint a rainbow owl or a scary face on your mug. It’s totally up to you.

3. You Get to Unplug from Technology.

One of the great things I love when we go pottery painting is the fact that there are no electronics in sight. We get to use our creativity, our imagination, and our hands, to make something tangible that we can take home with us. And keeping us away from screens is good for all of us; for both, our brain and our eyes.

4. Pottery Painting Provides Opportunity for Bonding Experience.

When you are unplugged, and in a serene and relaxed setting, it is so much easier to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Pottery painting places provides just that. You can chat about the pieces you have chosen and the colours that you are planning to use. Once these decisions are made, you can chat about anything you desire. It’s a great opportunity to catch up, bond and deepen your relationship as a family.

5. Pottery Painting Helps You Relax.

Just like coloring, pottery painting allows you to relax. It has been proven that painting is therapeutic and calming. It is often recommended by doctors and psychologists for anxiety and depression. And even if you are not suffering from either one of those, having a relaxing hour or two, will definitely improve your well-being and the well-being of your entire family. It will also give you a respite from the everyday stressors.



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6. It is a Great Option for an Indoor Activity.

Visiting place like a pottery painting studio during a rainy fall day, cold winter evening, or at humid and hot summer morning, is a perfect family outing. You can sit in a comfortably heated or cooled (depending on a season) room, work on a fun and creative activity, and bond with your family. What can be better than that?

7. You Get to Take Home One of a Kind Piece of Art.

It doesn’t matter how many people in your family paint the same ceramic piece. Each of you will have your own unique way of painting and decorating it.  So in the end, each of you will be able to take home a very unique, and special piece of art that you can display or use.


Have you ever gone to a pottery studio? Was is the favourite piece that you painted?


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20 thoughts on “7 Reasons Pottery Painting is a Great Activity for the Whole Family”

  1. We had a little pottery painting cafe in the village which closed, I was sad as I never managed to get to go (we hadn’t long moved in to the village). It is such a relaxing thing to do.

  2. I did not know potty training could have so many benefits. I am not a mum and not going to be one any time soon but it is always good to gather info!

  3. I have never heard of this exact activity before. I am not whether it even exists up here in my small town. I love it though and with our two grandchildren soon to be the right age I am will have to investigate.

  4. I haven’t done pottery since high school! But every time I see it either on TV or pottery for sale I want to get back into it. May have to poke around our new town!

  5. I use to love going to paint a pot. When I use to visit my grand parents in Cyprus there was a place around the corner that my Nan always use to take me too! So many happy memories

  6. I used to go pottery painting with my friends quite a lot. It is such a fun thing to do: You can be creative, share ideas and at the end take something beautiful home that will remind you of this fun day!

  7. This reminds me so much of school projects the kids did when they were little. I saved every last one of them and have them around the house. The colors, imperfections, and the fact that they were made with love, always make me smile. xx


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