Top 5 Family Activities to Enjoy in Mont Tremblant

When people think of Mont Tremblant, most of the time they think of winter, snow and skiing.  But trust me, Mont Tremblant has plenty to offer in the summer as well.  In fact, summer and fall are our favourite times to visit Mont Tremblant. It is a very family friendly, little village full of shops, restaurants and activities the whole family can enjoy.

Our Top 5 Family Activities

When traveling to Mont Tremblant, make sure to check out their website and consider purchasing an Activity Pass.  The pass offers several different activities and you can buy them in packages.  And if you purchase them online, at least 48 hours in advance, you save even more.

Our Top 3 Activities included in Activity Pass

Gondola Ride to the Summit

The gondola ride takes about 5-7 minutes. The ride itself offers spectacular views and it is a unique experience. When on the summit, hiking to the lookout point is highly recommended.  A three story lookout point wooden structure on the top of one of the hills offers wonderful views and cool breeze during summer months.  Hiking around the peak is also lots of fun.  As you walk along the Northern side of the peak, you’ll find a few picnic tables lining up the escarpment.  A great spot to stop by for a snack or for a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views.  On the other side of the gondola, you’ll find a couple of restaurants and a gift shop.  This place is also a home to a massive, red, Adirondack chair. Great spot to take a few pictures with the panoramic view behind.

Skyline Louge Go Carting

You can’t go to Mont Tremblant and not try the Skyline Louge.  After you’ve picked out your helmet you’ll be brought up to the top of the mountain on a chair lift.  From there, the crew will help you get into a cart and teach you all the basics.  And then… off you go!  If your kids are young and scared to go on their own, they can go in the cart with you. Even though they may not be the ones in control, they’ll still have a ton of fun.  You can go as slow as you want or you can make it into a mini competition. Either way, going down the windy trek is fun.  The highlight comes at the end, when you go through a mist tunnel and get cooled down just before the end of your journey.  It most certainly a must-do for our family each time we’re there.

Le Petit Geant Mini Golf

This is a perfect activity to enjoy after lunch or dinner.  The mini-golf course has many shady spots and the slow pace of this activity will let your stomach settle after the meal. Located right in the middle of the village is a very easy to get to.  You can use your Activity Card or purchase a round at the entrance. Even though it is a simple course and does fits very well with the mountains surrounding the area.  Interlocking pathways, stone walls and stairs, lots of evergreen and old-fashioned laps make it a very charming and enjoyable place to visit.  Surrounding hotels and overhead gondola add to a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Our Top 2 Do-It-Yourself Stores

Studio Creatif – The Pottery Place

Right at the bottom of the village you will find Studio Creatif pottery studio. It is a great place to enjoy some quiet time after a busy day or to spend a rainy morning painting one of your favourite pieces. The studio offers a very large selection of clay mugs, plates, figurines etc.  Everyone is bound to find something they’d like to pain.  The sizes and prices vary. You can pick up a piece for as little as $10, ranging all the way to about $40. So no matter if you’d like something small that your little one can handle, or if you’re looking to showcase your own painting skills on a large pottery piece, everyone will find something that will suit them.  What I loved about this place is that you can sit inside or outside.  There are a few tables set up on the terrace and you’re welcome to paint while enjoying the sunshine and fresh, mountain air. The best part is, that your piece will be fired the same night and you can pick it up early the next morning.  So even if you’re staying there just for one night, you can still enjoy this calming and relaxing activity.

Design Your Own Shirt Workshop

This very unique place is located in the village, in the strip right above Promenade Deslauriers.  I’ve never made any t-shirts and it was a perfect place to learn.  First you choose your shirt from all kinds of colours and sizes. Then you pick out your favourite design.  The store has plenty of them displayed on one of the main walls in a well organized grid.  The best part? If you don’t like any of the designs they offer, you can make your own!  The t-shirts are very reasonably priced at about $20-$30. When you think about it, that’s more or less what you’d pay for a souvenir t-shirt.  Yet, here, you can make your own souvenir!  What child wouldn’t want that?

If you’re planning a family getaway, Mont Tremblant is definitely one the most of beautiful, peaceful and family friendly places I’d recommend.  No matter if you’re visiting the village for a week or just a few days, be sure to pick up an Activity Pass and enjoy all that Mont Tremblant has to offer.

Have you been to Mont Tremblant before? What are your favourite activities?

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    • That’s awesome! We’ve never been there during the festival, but got a tail-end of IronMan Competitions one year. It was much busier than our usual visits 🙂

  1. I had never heard of Mont Tremblant until your post. It looks like a great place for families, and I can just imagine it covered in snow in winter too. A truly ‘all year round’ destination!


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