About Us

Welcome to my blog.

I’m Jes.  I’m a mom of two adventurous kids and a wife to a “casual” traveler.

I love to travel. Near and far, whenever and wherever – I’m ready to go.  I traveled a lot during my youth and university years.  North America, Caribbean and Western parts of Europe were my usual escapes.

However, when the kids were born, I wasn’t too keen on venturing out too far, even though I totally admired those brave parents who did.  On the other hand, I wasn’t planning on staying home all day either.  So I found my middle ground.

Day trips were the way to go! And that’s how I got to know my home turf – the Ottawa Valley.  My husband called me the local tourist.  Not only did I get to know the top tourist attractions in the Capital Region, but I also found many of the forgotten or undiscovered places hidden from the main path of those visiting the city.  I also made it my mission to know about the events, places and gatherings for parents with little ones.  This gave me the opportunity to really get to know my area.

My blogging experience started at about the same time when my first baby was born. It was right when Blogger became popular and all the moms blogged about their daily lives.  I wasn’t much different.  At the time, my blog was mostly about my experiences as a first time mom raising a newborn.  It was a great blog and whenever I look back at it, it brings me back to those precious moments that are long gone and often forgotten.  I’m so grateful that I jumped on that bandwagon and recorded some of those special moments that are now great stories for my kids to read.

A few years ago, the kids got to the age, where I no longer felt overwhelmed by leaving the house for a few days at a time.  That’s when we started venturing out more and more.  Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed the beaches of the Caribbean, played with Mickey in Orlando and tasted some delicious meals in a few of the European countries.
As I researched many of these trips, it was the blogs, the views of the locals or those who have been to the places we were eager to visit, that provided me with most valuable information.That’s when I considered blogging for the second time.  This time, to give other parents what they have given me – a piece of invaluable advice and personal experience.

Now that my kids are older, they are the ones making “Places to Visit” lists and asking when they will be going on a plane again.  I’m very happy to show them the world.  After all, as my mother says:

what you read and see, no one can take away from you.

So come with me on this journey of travelesque life.  Starting with exploring my own backyard…